Take your current systems to the next level with a virtualized environment to meet business objectives.

Elevate your existing IT infrastructure

Take advantage of your current hardware by switching to a virtualized environment. Many organizations run hardware under capacity for a single application, resulting in higher costs.

We can help your team run multiple operating systems, applications and more on a single piece of equipment with virtualization.

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Virtualization solutions


Regardless of where you’re at in the virtualization process, our team is here to support you. We assist with server consolidation, performance optimization, business continuity and more.

Installation & configuration

We offer VMware installation and configuration with our hardware sales solutions. Upon completion, you’ll have remote access to your system to ensure efficient deployment.


As a VMware partner, we’re here to assist you with finding the best license to suit your company’s needs.

Virtualization FAQ

Virtualization transforms physical hardware and applications into virtual environments. The virtualization process enables multiple operating systems to run on a single machine.

  • Reduced CapEx & OpEx costs
  • Easily scalable
  • Simplified data center operations & management
  • Reinforced business continuity

In addition to being a VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider, we have a team of certified experts to provide virtualization solutions for your business, including licensing, hardware, deployment and more.

Service Express

Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance

Gartner Peer Insights Custom First
  • 5 Reviewed Jan 19, 2023

    The transition to ServiceExpress was seamless. Once everything was onboarded, support continued as it should with no interruptions. Service delivery has been top notch, with

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jan 19, 2023

    The vendor we left was pushing additional services we do not need or want, and the price of the services we were using kept increasing.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jan 19, 2023

    Service Express' response times to tickets is phenomenal, their network engineers are very knowledgeable and helpful when needed

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Jan 19, 2023

    We Just started using this company this past year , we had multiple meeting about different hardware and plan.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Sep 29, 2022

    Service Express has made it easier for us to keep our legacy hardware past the OEM support contract. When it comes time to renew most of our purchases we usually check first with Service Express to see if they can cover it. Once implemented, we have found their engineers and inventory more than adequate to meet our day to day needs for support.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Sep 24, 2023

    Their service has always been accommodating to requests and quick to respond to service issues.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Sep 23, 2022

    Our site has used Service Express' coverage several time in the past two months alone. The service calls have been acted upon without haste and the dispatching of a qualified and knowledgeable technician to the job site was immediate. I put a high value on the service provided to us by Service Express

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed Sep 23, 2022

    Service Express has always been able to fulfill our needs. They work closely with us to identify changing support needs.

    (read more)
  • 5 Reviewed May 24, 2022

    As a hardware maintenance vendor, they are easy to work with…

    (read more)

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